Case study: Application Management Outsourcing of Insurance Core System

Profinit managed a transparent and fast takeover of the core insurance system of BNP Paribas Cardif Insurance. The system underwent a period of process optimisation during the transition phase, together with subsequent and numerous technical enhancements to increase performance and the quality of the system. It is now a reliable pillar of the customer´s business being rolled out to several new countries.

BNP Paribas Cardif Insurance has operated in the Czech market since 1996. Its products are sold internationally via banks, leasing companies and businesses providing instalment buying, personal loans and credit cards. Cardif currently administers over 2.2 million insurance contracts in the Czech market with a total premium volume of £750 million.

Cardif has used a custom-made core system with individual versions for Czech, Slovak and Austrian branches, to support its business and the administration of the insurance products. With the increasing demands of the business, it has established cooperation with many partners and implemented many new products. This has meant it outgrew the current service provider, who did not have the ability to sustain the business or manage the support and development of its ongoing requirements.

Profinit was commissioned to take over the system to ensure its safe operation and future development. During this project Profinit worked in accordance with their proven 3 step methodology for Application Management Outsourcing of systems authored by other providers:

1. Core system takeover without operation interruption. This process incorporated working with two incumbent suppliers and the customer.
2. Implementation of the required changes, testing and implementing new versions of the system.
3. Complete application management outsourcing in compliance with the SLA and defined processes and transparent costs.

Phase 1 was completed in five weeks in conjunction with the delivery of new functionality and with the introduction of automated testing.
Key operational benefits realised by the customer:

  • The speed with which Profinit took over the core system from the previous supplier.
  • System stabilisation, approach adhering to software development process, optimised and faster system development cycles.
  • The significant acceleration in delivery quality and improved speed of implementation of new functions of products.
  • Lowering the risks related to the running of the core system, verified by a BNP Paribas audit.
  • A transparent cost model for the insurance company and branches, that makes use of the shared services centre.

The Cardif core system administered in the Prague shared services centre is at the moment being incorporated into several other European branches.