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Self-Documenting Code Is NOT Code without Documentation

The current global situation is enough to make anyone sink into a state of depression and helplessness. It has even happened to me, but for entirely different...

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Get Ahead through Knowledge with Profinit Education

“Ahead through knowledge” isn’t our slogan just by chance. We are very well aware that the fruit of our work can only be as good as...

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What’s New in the World of Hadoop?

Even though Hadoop is still a relatively new technology compared to established data warehouse products, it has found a way into many companies in recent years, where it...

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Who we are

Established in 1998 and headquartered in Prague, Profinit are a consulting, software services, product development & outsourcing business. With our technical facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia we presently provide services to customers across Central Europe and the US. We are now expanding our direct operations into the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

We work directly with end customers, via channel partners and with product development businesses and have long term relationships with market leading institutions. In 2015 IDC Research placed us as the second largest Czech provider of custom application development. We recruit many of our employees directly through our university program, indeed our Services and Product Director, Dr Bohumir Zoubek, lectures in the field of Computer Science at several technical universities in the Czech Republic.



  • Custom application development
  • Enterprise integration
  • Information management
  • Application management outsourcing
  • BI/DWH development
  • Big data, Data science


Est. 1998
Mature capabilities,
Sustainable delivery processes,
Innovative approach
Technical delivery staff and project managers
€ 30 mil.
At the end of 2019 company turnover totalled over 30 million Euro
Located in Prague
& Telco