Migrating Data to New Core Systems for a Telecommunications Operator

Over the years, O2’s product portfolio has gone through several significant transformations, its ownership structure and thus its company strategy has changed. Thanks to acquisitions, it has merged with many companies whose IS infrastructures have subsequently been integrated into the original infrastructure. O2 has inevitably come to the point where IS complexity has become a serious obstacle to competitiveness and the ability to flexibly respond to market demands. To solve the issue, in 2014 O2 launched an extensive project called Simple Online Company (SOC).


Profinit provided a detailed plan including a minute-by-minute schedule for the first wave of SOC project. It was responsible for the management and coordination of 60 influenced systems, prepared and performed data migration from ten outdated and changed applications to seven newly launched systems.


The migration consisted not only of a physical movement of the data but also of sophisticated data transformations due to a different logic of the systems, product portfolio simplifications or cancellation and creation of tens of tariffs, customer packages and other additional services.

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Big data management platform

Participating in the development of Big Data Management Platform for Telekom Germany. Storing, integrating and analysing large volumes of data using state of art tools and technologies with the aim to replace selected traditional business intelligence systems.