Insurance services and the maintenance of a core system for 3 countries

The Cardif Shared Services Centre provides IT services to BNP Paribas Cardif in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Profinit develops and maintains one of the core insurance systems that has been operated by the Shared Service Centre. Our services have consisted of a transparent and swift takeover phase, many software process optimisations and technical improvements resulting in a 50% increase in delivery effectiveness and allowing us to significantly shorten the time to market for new requirements. The core system is a stable and reliable pillar that supports the customer’s business and enables BNP Paribas Cardif to stay ahead of the competition. Profinit has partnered BNP Paribas Cardif since 2011.

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Mobile and internet banking with 30 % savings on development effort

sIT Solutions is the IT solution provider for Erste Group and is responsible for the development, implementation and servicing of banking software operated by approximately 4,000 employees. For sIT Solutions in the Czech republic we provide the complete outsourcing of internet and mobile banking development, including system integration. Due to our approach of process optimisation we have realised 30% savings on development effort.

Non-life insurance and very short time to market application management outsourcing, quality and cost efficiency

KBC Global Services NV is the IT solution provider for KBC Group (the Belgian based multi-channel bank), delivering IT solutions to finance companies within the group. ČSOB Pojišťovna is one of the group‘s banks to whom we have been delivering software systems and application management outsourcing services since 1998. Within this time Profinit have developed many of the finance solutions and we continue to be a trusted service provider.

Big data technology stack for a TOP 5 bank

We have delivered full big data stack based on Hadoop and Apache Spark for one of largest European banks.

Instalment detector for a large european bank

The majority of the profit in modern retail banking comes from loan products. Unfortunately, not all of your clients borrow money from you. Our model is built to detect all payments going from your bank to other banks and financial institutions to pay for existing loans elsewhere. The whole installment loan battlefield can be laid open in front of your eyes. This is a perfect opportunity to offer your clients a loan transfer or consolidation through your bank.

Household detector for a challenger bank

In telecommunications as well as banking, you have enough data to reconstruct family relationships between clients. Based on data concerning card payments, phone calls, and location, you can correlate people in time and space. If you add some simple demographics, you end up with a surprisingly precise model that finds a person’s spouse, parents, siblings, etc. In some countries, this sort of data mining cannot be legally employed, but in others, regulations are not so strict. So, the bank can use this knowledge to improve a person’s risk score based on her family members, or a telecommunications operator can make a better targeted marketing offer.

Interest rate optimiser for a challenger bank

Setting interest rates is a complicated problem. If you set rates too low, you are cutting your profit. If you set them too high, your clients won’t accept them or will soon move on. The competition is very stiff, especially online. Most banks use risk-based pricing, assigning each class of clients interest rates according to the probability of default. This method can be improved. By giving clients who are more price sensitive a little bonus at the expense of clients who are less price sensitive while maintaining the average interest rate for all risk classes, we can improve acceptance, reduce turnover, and boost profit while still complying with strict banking regulations.