Profinit has established a branch in Slovakia

Tomáš Mojžíš joined Profinit almost 15 years ago, starting as a developer. Midway through his second decade with the company, he has already moved up through 5 different positions, and is currently Head of Delivery Centre at the newly-established Bratislava branch. How did the idea to establish a branch in Slovakia come about, how many people work there, what are Profinit’s plans for the branch in the future, and what types of positions is Bratislava trying to fill? Read the interview with Tomáš Mojžíš.

How did the idea to establish a branch in Slovakia come about?

The idea to establish a branch in Slovakia is actually not a new idea at all. In fact, it is a kind of “return to our roots”, because in the past Profinit had already had a significant presence in Slovakia. At the time, this mainly involved projects for Slovak customers. However, we are currently aiming for the branch to be primarily a development center for the delivery of our services in Central and Western Europe.

How many people work in Bratislava? And what are your responsibilities?

We now have 11 people in Slovakia, of which 10 are consultants. They are all currently working on projects for Czech and foreign customers. Of course, our recruitment colleagues are also doing their thing here. My primary focus is currently on this recruitment, meeting with candidates and discussing the possibilities and terms of cooperation. Additionally, I am also responsible for human resources care for all consultants, planning their allocation, and soon I will also help with launching new projects.

It’s very interesting and varied work – in many ways I sometimes feel like I’m part of a start-up. Of course, here I want to thank all my wonderful colleagues who are helping to get this going. This concerns the securing of premises and equipment, IT technology, provision of financial management, assistance with recruitment and staff care and other essentials.

Does Profinit have other plans concerning expansion abroad?

Yes, of course. Expansion to Slovakia is only the first step for us. Before I get to the foreign plans, I must add that Profinit is also expanding within the Czech Republic itself. We’ve already opened a branch in Liberec, and other Czech cities are also in the works.

We are also active in opening branches abroad. We will reveal more in the very near future 🙂

What are the plans in Bratislava for the coming year(s)?

Since our office in Bratislava is a development centre, the main plan for next year is to increase the number of developers and consultants two-fold. Ideally even more. And with that, of course, the associated launch of projects that we can deliver completely from Slovakia. And since our company is known for its intensive and close cooperation with universities, in addition to projects and recruitment, we would like to establish cooperation with universities in Slovakia, just as in the Czech Republic.

These days, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the coming years, but in any case, our goal is to grow and to be able to deliver more and more projects from Slovakia that are interesting for our consultants and at the same time satisfy demand from our clients.

Which positions are open in Bratislava?

We currently have open developer positions, especially for Java and .NET developers, and are also looking for front-end technology specialists and data-oriented professionals. Don’t believe it? Check out our career website for yourself. As Profinit in Slovakia grows and starts delivering whole projects, there will be enough work for other specialists, DevOps engineers, analysts, and testers. We have a lot of varied and interesting work.

What types of projects will developers get to work on in Bratislava?

We do not have a sales representative in Slovakia or even customers that are directly from Slovakia. At the moment, our consultants are involved in projects managed from the Czech Republic, where part of the team is in Prague and part in Slovakia. However, as soon as the size of the development centre exceeds the “critical threshold”, entire projects, including their management, will gradually be transferred to Slovakia. These will be projects not only for customers in the Czech Republic, but also for customers from Western Europe, where we are seeing success in forming business relationships. Our goal is to have several projects in Slovakia – the more, the better.

What do the new spaces look like and what can new employees look forward to there?

Our new premises are very pleasant, our offices are air-conditioned and equipped with everything necessary to ensure enjoyable teamwork. It goes without saying that we’re provided with excellent coffee and tea, a fridge full of drinks, and reliable IT equipment. The offices are spacious, and their layout and names reflect Slovak geography (each office is named after a Slovak regional city). Since many of us at Profinit are sports enthusiasts and cyclists, our relaxation zone features, besides a hanging chair, a special exercise bike, which also serves as a work desk.

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