Profinit establishes new entity in Germany

Due to growing interest in their services in the DACH region, Profinit has announced the establishment of a new entity, Profinit DE in Hamburg. Profinit has provided IT services in the financial industry and other segments, such as logistics, telecommunications, and e-commerce for over 25 years. With delivery centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it brings both, the software engineering / data expertise and cost-effectiveness, to the German IT market.

Rainer Vorwerk named Business Development Manager DACH

Leading the branch as Business Development Manager DACH is Rainer Vorwerk, who brings with him over 30 years of experience in the banking industry. When asked why he thinks Profinit will be a good fit for the customers in DACH, he has a clear answer. “Profinit has proven experts for Custom Software Development, Big Data, DWH & BI, Data Science, and Application Management Outsourcing. In this respect, the company offers a good solution for customers who do not have experts in the individual disciplines or who do not want to hire new IT experts for special project requirements.”

Rainer Vorwerk & Richard Boura
Rainer Vorwerk & Richard Boura, having a chat during a coffee break

Nearshoring Model Offers Cost-Effective Solution for DACH Customers

This makes Profinit a good fit for customers looking to outsource parts of their IT and reduce or level their IT costs, especially by using the nearshoring model. “From a cost perspective, in particular, the nearshoring model offers interesting opportunities for many customers in the DACH Region,” adds Rainer.

Thanks to its wide knowledge and experience in the financial industry, Profinit can be an ideal partner, especially for banks, investment companies, asset managers and insurance companies in the DACH region. The company is not, however, limited to serving only the financial industry and it can provide valuable services for customers in other segments as well. “I am convinced that we can also provide useful services for customers operating in other industry segments, such as logistics, telecommunications, or e-commerce,” says Rainer, who is excited to start work with his new colleagues at Profinit and to take on new and interesting projects with the company’s growing customer base. “I am particularly looking forward to getting to know more of my new colleagues at Profinit. All colleagues I have met so far have been very friendly, helpful, and inspiring, and I`m proud to be part of the team now.”