Profinit & COVID-19

Profinit a COVID-19

We get often asked if we are open for business and how we deal with COVID-19 pandemic. This blogpost says ‘we are open for business’ and provides more details about the local situation, our projects and international business.

The situation in the Czech Republic

Similar to other countries facing COVID-19 epidemic, the Czech government put in place number of measures to restrict contacts between people – the free movement throughout the Czech Republic is prohibited except travel to work, for shopping of basic needs and few other necessary reasons. People are required to cover their face with cloth or mask and keep a distance of at least 2 meters in all public areas. Restaurants, theatres and most services for the public are closed, sport games suspended. International borders are closed for practically all travel.

Our Company

Profinit is fully functioning. Our project teams continue to work on all projects, where possible, remotely using VPN. Thanks to our own ITS department as well as those of our customers, the remote work is not only possible but works perfectly. Also, our offices stay open. We provide disinfectants and ensure proper ventilation. The number of people in our offices is much reduced as most employees take advantage of the home office.

International Business

Our sales team continues to work on existing business opportunities and keeps offering our services and capabilities, particularly to financial and telecommunication industry in Western Europe. With practically all European borders closed and all conferences in the first half of the year cancelled or rescheduled we have to forgo personal contact for the time being.

It is clear that some targets for 2020 will be suspended or changed. What will not change is a quest for reliability, competency, efficiency and quality. And that’s where we fit in. If you are looking now or in the near future for a reliable partner for your data science, AI or application development project, give us a call, we are open for business.


Author: Mirek Zoubek 

Services & Products Director