Life After Work

Our 500 Profinit people are quite a diverse bunch. Some of us swim in Java waters or stitch .Net fabric; others build and stack data warehouses. We have scholars immersed in data science, and even a few weirdos testing their own mind against an artificial one. Let’s not forget the back office, human resources and, well, managers are also humans, while salespeople even have it in the job title. But we all occasionally leave work or even take a vacation. What becomes of us then?

For several years now, everyone joining Profinit has completed a short questionnaire about what he or she enjoys doing in his or her free time. We publish the responses on the intranet in the form of a short snapshot. So, what are our main free-time interests?

The reality is, of course, much more varied and colourful. As we work on different projects at different locations, we may not meet all year long, besides at the annual teambuilding event. But anyone wishing to share his/her passion can organize a group of like-minded people or join an existing one.

Correspondingly with the graph, the sports groups prevail. Our people run (even marathons); play ice hockey, football or table tennis; do boxing; play chess and billiards. Art is represented by singing, dancing and playing music in the Profinit Band. Those wishing to explore IT and technology subjects can join one of our professional communities.

Some of us are interested in photography, painting, theatre or movies. We love to travel and spend time outdoors. We even have sea captains and pilots on staff. Ideas for new groups, perhaps?

What is your passion? Enjoy it to the fullest.