Big Data Services

  • Tame the torrent of terabytes and put them to work for you.
  • Store, process and archive volumes of data your systems cannot handle.
  • Reduce credit risks and stop fraudsters in time by smart use of data you already collect.
  • Give your marketing and sales new weapons – data science algorithms.
  • Prevent data warehouse failures and ensure its integrity by applying predictive models for monitoring.

Data Science Algorithms

Data science models

Salary detector

Boosts sales by understanding events in the professional life of your clients.

Interest rate optimiser

Improves acceptance, reduces turnover, and boosts profit with strict banking regulations.

Household detector

Correlates people in time and space for much better risk scoring or target marketing.

Instalment Detector

Identifies payments of personal loans, leasing and other instalments to offer loan consolidation.


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