Modernising any system is a comprehensive task. Every step has to be estimated, appropriately planned, and then carefully executed and verified. Data dependencies are the common denominator in almost every case and are crucial in understanding the whole initiative.

In this webinar, Michal Petřík and Jan Ulrych, will present their approach to resolving data-related challenges and data dependencies while modernising software systems using Profinit Modernisation Framework in collaboration with Manta tools.

For more information on data solutions, find out more about our Big Data services.

Michal Petřík
Michal Petřík

Head of Software Development

Michal was Profinit's Head of Software Development with 15+ years of experience with software system modernisation. His primary goal was to achieve high software development standards across numerous Profinit’s software projects. He also lectured software engineering topics at the Czech Technical University & Charles University in Prague.

Jan Ulrych
Jan Ulrych

VP of Research and Education

Jan Ulrych is a Vice President of Research and Education with more than 10 years of experience working on data management and data governance projects. He currently works for MANTA, the data lineage automation company. He's responsible for business development, particularly in the customer success area – making sure that proof-of-concepts and deployments all over the world are running smoothly.

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