How to save costs and meet the needs of business and IT?

More than ever, many companies are facing challenges linked to their core systems. The legacy systems lack support for the new business models, do not fit for purpose anymore or provide poor UX. In general, legacy systems are slow to change, risky and costly to enhance and maintain. All these things have got emphasised in the last months as more and more people seek pure online communication due to our global situation.

What would you do when a system does not provide the value that your business needs and you need an immediate change? Replacing such a system is usually the first idea that comes to mind. However, is it the only and the best approach you should consider? In our webinar, we will discuss a different approach that is often faster, safer and better suited for many businesses.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Typical challenges with legacy system modernisation
  • Best practices and pitfalls
  • Successful client use cases
  • How to save costs and meet the needs of business and IT while modernising a legacy system

You may also find the “Legacy software: 2 ways to modernise 1 system” webinar useful.

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Michal Petřík
Michal Petřík

Head of Software Development

Michal was Profinit's Head of Software Development with 15+ years of experience with software system modernisation. His primary goal was to achieve high software development standards across numerous Profinit’s software projects. He also lectured software engineering topics at the Czech Technical University & Charles University in Prague.

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