webinar Data Landscape Mapping

When the complexity of all the data in your business exceeds a certain level, it is time to make a bold decision to take the first steps towards professional and systematic data governance and clear data architecture. We call these steps ‘data landscape mapping’. At the end of the process, you will get something like a Google map of all the data in your company, visualised from different angles and dimensions. Learn more in our webinar led by Šimon Rajčan (Profinit’s Senior Consultant for Information Management).


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What ‘smart’ data lineage is and how to empower it to build the data architecture
  • The general structure of data architecture and its context within enterprise architecture
  • How data architecture can help with data governance
  • A conceptual metadata model for data landscape mapping
  • Four simple steps towards data transparency

You may also find the Enterprise Data Lineage webinar useful.


Šimon Rajčan

Senior Consultant

Šimon has been working as a data consultant since 2010. He has been working with various technologies, gaining experience with data architecture, data modelling, data quality, and DWH projects. At Profinit, Šimon helps expand metadata and data lineage competence.

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