What is the power of business departments? What is missing in communication between layers responsible for building big data solutions? What mistakes can happen when IT departments are too proactive in creating solutions for big data? In this webinar, our senior consultant Lukas Veres will go through some lessons learned in his journey in the big data world.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Measure twice but really cut just once when it comes to selecting technologies
  • Communication works for those who work at it
  • Think about data as a commodity
  • Involve business from the beginning

You will also learn about the business & technical perspective on big data.

Speaker from Profinit

Lukas Veres

Data Governance Engineering Team Lead

Lukas Veres is Data Governance Engineering Team Lead in MSD with 10+ years of experience with creating solutions, architecture and delivering various data projects. His main focus is on data warehouses and big data technologies with understandings of what customers are expecting in this field and how to set up processes for better communication not only through data interfaces.

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